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Receive personalised writing feedback, one-on-one writing consultations, or a screencast of your essay being analysed in real time.

Why Get Feedback?

Unlike many other English language skills, such as listening and reading, writing requires personalized feedback to progress and improve. This is because even if you practise every day, you are likely to make the same mistakes unless someone shows you exactly where your errors are, and how to correct them; it is very difficult to identify ALL of your own errors! Writing practice is about quality, not quantity; it is better to write and rewrite the same essay twice than to write three different texts with the same mistakes.

I provide you with the detailed feedback that you need. Firstly, I encourage you to notice patterns in your mistakes and how to correct them, which will develop your awareness of your personal writing needs and make you better at editing your own work, because you know what to look out for. I also give detailed suggestions to improve on academic style and development of main ideas, as well as offering suggestions for more sophisticated grammatical structures where possible. You can receive this feedback in written form, a spoken recording, or alongside a one-on-one consultation to ask me questions directly and talk about your writing in more detail together.

About Me

Sarah Watts,

Professional English Language Facilitator

I'm a full-time English language teacher with 8+ years of experience teaching all levels of English, from Elementary to Advanced, as well as multiple university pathway courses and exams (including IELTS, PTE, CAE, FCE, PET and TOEIC+). Writing has always been my absolute favourite subject to teach because I love how quickly I can see students' work transform into something stronger. It is also something I enjoy in my personal life, along with reading, rock climbing, gaming, and dancing (though I won't be teaching you any of those!) 

I look forward to connecting with you and providing the concrete feedback you need to reach your writing goals.

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